DOBUYME is not accountable for the authenticity of the posts or their owners credibility. We expect sellers to be honest when posting their items and at the same time, encourage buyers to do their due diligence by checking the item properly before paying for it.

*It is the Seller's responsibility to ensure correct monies have been received before parting with goods or services. Once out of the Seller's hand, there is no obligation for a refund or return.

*It is the Buyer's responsibility to verify and check the item before handing over payment. Goods once sold cannot be returned unless both parties mutually agree.


It is the duty of both parties the Buyer and Seller to abide by the rules of auction. Once the item is sold, it is the Buyer's obligation to pay and take possession of the item and the seller's responsibility to ensure the item is available for sale as agreed in the auction.

DOBUYME cannot be held responsible for any dispute that may arise between the buyer and seller from the use of the site. However, should we receive a complaint we will accordingly investigate and block the offending party from using the site if deemed necessary by us.

Beware of Scams

The most common scam we see often is overseas buyers sending false money transfer proof. Even if they have a good story, don't fall for it!

Safety Tips:

  1. Use our online Chat and not Whatsapp to communicate with others as much as possible.
  2. Don't send your item to a buyer in return for a bank transfer.
  3. Exchange money face-to-face and never share bank details.
  4. Never accept cheques as these can bounce.

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Hp 840 g3 grade A condition

a month ago
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