Terms and coditions of dobuyme

Last updated 22 September 2020

This document outlines important legal information that governs the use of the dobuyme.com website and services. License number 872625 AlBahar Portal.

dobuyme.com serves as an outlet of communication between users with the purpose to buy, sell, or lease goods and services, such as cars, furniture, properties, art, clothings, general services, etc. These goods and services are paid and consumed outside of the digital space. In doing so, DOBUYME aims to create a quality experience for users and to connect buyers and sellers in the Middle East.

1. General Information

1.1. These terms of service outline important legal information for users and provide information that all users must agree and abide by when operating on the DOBUYME website. If you do not agree with the provided terms of service, it is your responsibility as the user to stop using the site and services immediately. The use and or continued use of DOBUYME and its services indicates acceptance of these conditions and any changes that may be updated here. Companies that publish advertisements on DOBUYME must agree to additional terms and conditions which can be accessed via our advertising request form, which operates in conjunction with any other agreements with DOBUYME. Anyone who utilizes the site, browses content, posts content, or responds to ads or any content on the site has agreed that the terms and conditions have been read and understood. Accessing the site and utilizing any DOBUYME services/partial service indicates agreement. Terms and conditions may be updated at any time at DOBUYME’s personal discretion.

1.2. DOBUYME provides translation of the terms and conditions. However, you are legally bound by the English version, which is referred to in case of any inconsistency between translations.

1.3. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates and outline the understanding between you and DOBUYME. Any claim you may have against DOBUYME must be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction in the UAE.

2. Service Description and Content Policy

2.1. DOBUYME enables customers and merchants to pay or perform services, but DOBUYME does not interfere or assume responsibility for any of these interactions. DOBUYME is not a party to any operations and use of the website is at your own discretion. This section limits the legal responsibilities of DOBUYME and holds you responsible to ensure the data provided in this section is correct. DOBUYME and others have the right to file claims against you as a result of the data and any mis information you provide

2.2. DOBUYME is not responsible for any advertisements, listings, messages, including but not limited to instant messaging through the website or other applications, emails, videos, audios, comments, user posts, files, or guidance information. Users on DOBUYME may be exposed to content and comments deemed inappropriate, inaccurate, annoying, and unreliable. DOBUYME is not obligated to perform pre-screening or verification of any information on the website, therefore, DOBUYME is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by false or misleading listings, it is the users responsibility to do due diligence to protect themselves from fraud when using the site. The website may contain links to external third-party sites, which may be subject to the terms and conditions; however, DOBUYME does not pre-screen or guarantee validity and reliability of these thirdparty sites. Use of external links, to the extent permitted by law, is at the sole responsibility of the user. Moreover, DOBUYME reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse or transfer content for any or no reason at all or content that in any way violates these terms and conditions. You are legally responsible for your own posts, content, comments, external links, e-mails, or any other content associated with the service. In addition to content published, you must acknowledge and guarantee the following:

2.3. Once the content or services are uploaded on the website, you must own the licenses, approval, rights, and permits necessary throughout the period the content is available on the website, including but not limited to the trademark, patent, proprietary rights, and copyrights. DOBUYME reserves the right to use that content.

2.4. You must ensure that you have all ownership rights to the manner/use of content and services posted to the site through written consent, permission, and/or authorization from the specific parties or individual(s). By posting on the website, you retain ownership of the content/service; however, you grant DOBUYME a nonrevocable, void, and permanent license on fees. DOBUYME also reserves the right to, but is not limited to, sub-license, transfer, reproduce, distribute, or display content in relation to the website and work of DOBUYME and successors to promote on the website for any purpose in media outlets in the present or future. Specifically, by posting onto the website, you allow DOBUYME the right to display, copy, reproduce, or photocopy your content for any purpose at any time by any party. These rights are permanent. Users of the site are also granted a non-exclusive license to access content throughout the site, excluding cases of data mining and possibly other commercial purposes. This license expires once you or DOBUYME removes the content from the website. DOBUYME disclaims any liability related to content posted by users and reserves the right to remove any content, terminate any users without prior notice, and decide what is appropriate and complies with DOBUYME terms and conditions. DOBUYME does not express or endorse any content, advice, recommendations, or opinions.

3. Code of Conduct

By using the DOBUYME site and services, you agree to not:

3.1. Collect personal data on other users or entities for illegal or commercial purposes

3.2. Contact users who have requested not be contacted or defame anyone through comments or content

3.3. Attempt access to DOBUYME systems with the intent to interfere with the site’s performance or quality of service. For example, impose significant loads on servers by posting the same content repeatedly.

3.4. Post the same ad in multiple categories and major cities.

3.5. Use automated devices or software on the site. For example, you agree to not capture data from DOBUYME through means such as robots, hidden data processing tools, or tracking software. You agree not to use any automated device or software, commonly known as automated publishing devices, that publish advertisements without human control.

3.6. Use, copy, or distribute any of the materials on the website, other than the user Content that you licensed under these Terms. DOBUYME reserves all rights to materials of the website, such as text, graphics, logos, software, videos, audios, etc under intellectual property rights. And by accepting terms and conditions, you agree not to copy or redistribute these materials and the materials of other third party parties.

3.7. Impersonate DOBUYME employee or any user.

3.8. Moreover, by using the DOBUYME site and services, you agree not to post content, such as listings, advertisements, comments, emails, audios, videos, or information:

3.8.1 That is unlawful, obscene, violent, pornographic, explicit, invasive of one’s privacy, defamatory, threatening, hateful, or discriminatory in any way based on ability, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, or age.

3.8.2 That may be referred to as “spam”, “pyramid schemes”, “affiliate marketing”, “junk mail”. Content cannot be misleading, false, deceptive, or encroach on the privacy of others by sharing identifying information without consent from the individual.

3.8.3 That encourages illegal activities such as money laundering or activity that could cause potential harm to minors in any way. Or explicitly advertises illegal services or sale which is prohibited by law.

3.8.4 That is Copyrighted or licensed content that may be subject to third party proprietary rights without an appropriate license or permission from the rightful owner to post the content and provide rights to DOBUYME.

3.8.5 That misrepresents themselves or an affiliation with another entity by, but not limited to, using forged email addresses, logos, or headers.

3.8.6 That spreads software viruses to computer or telecommunication devices that limit functionality of the hardware or software of a device in any way. If content appears to not follow these outlines, you may be subject to examination and applicable laws. Inability to comply with DOBUYME terms and conditions or privacy policy may result in the termination of your account and/or content.

4. Special Ads and Postings

4.1. “Featured Ads” is a DOBUYME service that allows users to pay a nonrefundable fee to place their advertisement on a highly frequented page to increase its exposure to consumers.

4.2. DOBUYME also offers a paid service to post content to specific areas of the website. The fee is non-refundable, even in the event that the content is removed for violating DOBUYME terms and conditions.

5. Claims of Infringements

5.1. Any owner of intellectual property with appropriate licensing that believes that any content infringes on their intellectual property rights may submit a request to DOBUYME to determine whether the aforementioned content should be removed. The request must contain:

5.1.1 Identification of the infringement of intellectual property rights;

5.1.2 Sufficient information to locate the content that is claimed to be infringing;

5.1.3 Your contact information (electronic mail address, phone number, etc.);

5.1.4 Statement explaining the potential infringement and reassurance that the intellectual property-owner does not hold DOBUYME accountable for any third-party connection to the removal of the content;

5.1.5 A signature, online or electronic.

6. Indemnity

6.1. Use of DOBUYME presents you with certain risks, such as the exposure to content from a variety of sources that cannot all be vetted to meet community guidelines outlined in the terms and conditions. Please report any content that is inaccurate, defamatory, offensive, or fails to meet any criteria outlined in this document. By using the services you accept full responsibility for these risks and hereby waive any legal rights you have against DOBUYME.

Further, the liability of DOBUYME is limited or excluded. This section outlines the rights or remedies you may have against DOBUYME are limited or excluded, and therefore, you indemnify DOBUYME and related persons, such as officers, employees, suppliers, etc. against all claims, damages, losses, expenses (including but not limited to attorneys' fees), etc. This section and indemnification obligation withstand modification or expiration of these Terms and termination of your use of DOBUYME services. You must read these statements carefully and ensure they are correct, as you will not be able to deny the truth of the statements.

6.2. Using DOBUYME and taking on all responsibilities and liability may result in you being punished under applicable criminal laws, and you may become financially liable to DOBUYME or related persons should you engage in such activity that is deemed fraudulent or criminal in a court of law and or by DOBUYME. You agree that DOBUYME may monitor chat, activity usage, or email to identify keywords that may be associated with spams or scams. Any communication feature on the DOBUYME website must be used in accordance with the terms and conditions. Any violation may subject the sender and receivers to criminal penalties. DOBUYME also reserves the right to modify or discontinue all or parts of Service with or without notice to users. DOBUYME may establish limits for users, including but not limited to, maximum number and size of postings or length of time and amount of content to be maintained by the Service. Therefore, DOBUYME has no liability for the deletion or failure to store any content on the website or service. You acknowledge that DOBUYME, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to delete or deactivate your account and terminate your access to DOBUYME service. Further, you agree that DOBUYME shall not be held responsible to you or any third-party for any termination of your access to the website or the Service.

6.3. DOBUYME is not liable for your interactions, which may include but are not limited to payment or delivery of goods and services, with any other person(s), organization, or group. These interactions do not involve DOBUYME and are solely between the person(s) or group(s) involved. Therefore, DOBUYME is not responsible for any loss or damage, and you hereby release DOBUYME and related persons from these types of claims.

7. Ability to Accept Terms and Conditions

7.1. DOBUYME is intended for adults; however, minors may access the website with approval from their legal representative. Similarly, representatives using/accessing this website must acknowledge that they are legally authorized to represent that person/entity. By accessing DOBUYME you agree you are at least 18 years of age, an emancipated minor, a minor with a legal guardian, or a representative. Further, all users must be competent and fully able to understand and comply with the terms and conditions.

8. Privacy Policy

8.1. DOBUYME prioritizes your privacy and has developed a detailed Privacy Policy to better outline your rights. Accepting DOBUYME terms and conditions implies that you also agree with the Privacy Policy. Therefore, please carefully read the terms of our Privacy Policy so that you are aware of the risks and your rights to your privacy.

8.1.1 Using DOBUYME services requires a valid email address and password. Certain user profiles may utilize services that recommend sharing first and last name, geography, phone number, gender, interests, or images; however, any information users share publicly is their responsibility. DOBUYME strongly recommends that users be cautious about publicly sharing information such as specific addresses. Also, when a user decides to sign up using a third-party authentication service such as Facebook or Gmail, DOBUYME gains access to additional profile information. Much of the same information used to create an account or profile is required to post an advertisement or comment. In terms of advertisements, DOBUYME may collect user’s personal information, such as name and contact information, when users view or click on third-party advertisements sponsored on the website. Furthermore, DOBUYME also collects this information to determine the effectiveness of some third-party advertisers. When users contact the customer care department, DOBUYME may use the contact information provided. In addition, DOBUYME may also gather information about how DOBUYME interacts with users, such as feedback. DOBUYME may log information on our servers from browsers or devices, including IP address, software, search history, and other system-level information. This may occur on our website or on third party websites.

8.1.2 DOBUYME may also collect certain information through technology. Some examples of these technologies are cookies, or small text files that store information on devices locally, and pixels, or small images often used alongside cookies to measure viewing of a webpage. Additionally, cookies help make websites more userfriendly by allowing user preferences to be saved and prevent users from having to repeat the log-in process upon revisiting the website. DOBUYME uses both persistent cookies, which remain on your computer for longer periods of time, and session cookies, which are automatically deleted when the browser window is closed. Most desktop and mobile web browsers allow users the option to limit or block the use of cookies; however, doing so may limit your decrease functionality of certain services. DOBUYME may allow third-party analytic providers or advertisers access to these types of technologies. The data that they collect is subject to the privacy policy of the third-party groups.

DOBUYME may use the aforementioned information we collect for the following purposes: (a) to provide customer services and contact our users for customer care; (b) to customize offers and advertisements; (c) to monitor user activity such as keyword searches and posting activity; (d) to perform analytics to improve DOBUYME services; and (e) to ensure our terms and conditions are being upheld and to combat fraud and abuse. We may retain collected information for as long as is required to fulfil the above business objectives.

DOBUYME may share information collected, when applicable, to affiliates who may only use this information to assist us in the aforementioned business objectives; however, we do not rent or sell a user’s personal information with non-affiliated third parties without specific permission. All information collected is protected by certain safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to user data. You are responsible for keeping the data you provide or post on our network accurately.

DOBUYME affiliates and third-party service providers commit to protecting this information. Further, non-personal information (data that does not identify our users individually) may be shared with third-party service providers or approved researchers in order to better personalize advertisements or services and to improve the overall quality of our services.

In the event that DOBUYME is reorganized or sold, information may be transferred to a new owner to enable continuity of service. We do not share personal information unless we have specific permission to do so from the user, but as required by applicable law, we may share personal information with government authorities to best eliminate law violations, fraud, and abuse on the website.

9. Disclaimer of Warranties

9.1. By using DOBUYME you hereby, agree that the use of the website and the service is entirely at your own risk without any warranties of any kind. DOBUYME makes no warranties about the accuracy of the website’s or third-party website’s content such as: [A] Errors or inaccuracies of content; [B] Injury or damage of any nature; [C] Any unauthorised access to or use of servers, any personal information, or financial information; [D] Suspension or interruption of the website; And/or [E] Any bugs or viruses transmitted to or through the website by any third party. DOBUYME does not assume any responsibility for any product or service advertised, and DOBUYME does not monitor any transactions between any person[s] and or group[s]. While using DOBUYME always exercise caution and use your best judgement where appropriate.

DOBUYME makes no warranties / guarantees that the website is operational in other locations.

10. Limitations of Liability

10.1 DOBUYME and all representing person[s] and or group[s] shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from any use, misuse, interruption, termination, or suspension of the website or services. We are also not liable for damages incurred by use of other services including and not limited to advertisements, third-party websites, any information, advice, or products received in connection with DOBUYME.

10.2 By accepting these TERMS and CONDITIONS as set out here, YOU AGREE that DOBUYME shall at no time be held liable for any risk or damages that you may incur when using the website or after. DOBUYME operates within the jurisdiction of the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Users who access and or, use the website outside of the UAE do so in acceptance of these terms and conditions and at their own risk and are also held responsible for compliance with the local law.

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